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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Standing up for our men and women of service: Anti-sexual assault of both genders in the military

CNN recently covered the long overshadowed topic of sexual assault and harassment in the armed forces. The news outlet states, "The Defense Department estimated that more than 26,000 troops experienced an episode of 'unwanted sexual contact,' a huge jump from the 19,300 figure in the 2010 report." When divided per day, 70 reported cases of assault occur daily in the military. For years, I hoped that activists and the media would shed light on this highly controversial issue. Just like in cases of out-of-military rape and sexual assault, far too many cases go unreported and far too few rape kits are used. President Obama vowed last month to hold attackers accountable by striping them of their military positions and dishonorably discharging them. We hope that these measures follow through and that military members are taught to not assault in the first place, because while after-the-fact advocacy is imperative, preventative training and strict prosecution must be implemented in all military branches. To help raise awareness and to urge survivors to report their stories, visit: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/951/654/552/obama-bypass-congress-to-confront-rape-in-the-military/?z00m=20561797

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