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Sunday, June 23, 2013

How To Be Content With Your Life and Seize Your Dreams

There is no secret recipe to leading a pleasant and empowering lifestyle, it really is quite simple. The more we empower ourselves at a young age, the more successful adults we will become. It is also never too late to become empowered. Follow my 3 steps to taking charge of your life and your goals, because no goal is too big to be achieved.

Step 1: Enter The Mindset That You Are Deserving Of A Positive Life: Try this exercise, stand in front of a mirror immediately after you awaken. Focus your eyes on your reflection, while visualizing a particular goal. Now repeat, "Today and everyday I am deserving of a happy life. I will not be afraid of those that stand in my way, for I am powerful."

Step 2: Come To Terms With Your Past: Society tends to use the word "demon" and "how to come to terms with your demons". It is necessary that you tell yourself that no trauma in your past can hold you from a wonderful future, because "no pain including loss is infinite". Once we acknowledge that the cycle of negativity  (bullying, abuse, poor self-esteem, etc.) is breakable, the future becomes tangible.

Step 3: Continue Your Quest For Your Dreams: Never Take "NO" For An Answer. Never give up on yourself, you can always negotiate in order to reach a goal. Fear is what causes both women and men from asking for a raise or promotion in the workplace. Realize that in your personal life, in order to make your relationships stronger you must be decisive and know what you want.

Take a deep breath! Life is beautiful and you are on your way to a good life :-)

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