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Sunday, June 2, 2013

#ChimeForChange: How To Perpetuate Women's Empowerment

Rise and Shine received an incredible outpouring of donations for Chime For Change, the live concert hosted by Beyonce, Madonna, and Salma Hayek on NBC tonight. It is through the advocacy and generosity of our communities that allow for change to become a reality. The theme of this concert, women's rights and empowerment, had an unbelievable amount of men vowing to end violence towards women and promote equality and greater education. :)

Our six donations turned into EIGHT donations and went to:

  • "Help End Sex Trafficking - Support Survivor Stories" via Equality Now ($100.00)
  • "Supporting Single Mothers in Ukraine" via the Global Fund for Women ($50.00)
  • "Projecting Courage Through Film", an initiative to create films shedding light on child marriage ($40.00)
  • "Building The Power To End Street Harassment", to end catcalling and stalking of women, via Hollaback! ($20.00)
  • "Halt FGM", to include men in focus groups to promote advocacy to end Female Genital Mutilation, via The Coexist Initiative ($30.00)
  • "Protect Women's Rights Defenders in South America" via Global Fund for Women ($30.00)
  • "The Red Alert System", to find missing women and girls in areas with drug cartels, via Coalition Against Trafficking in Women ($80.00)
  • HIV/AIDS care to women in Uganda and Ecuador via UNAIDS($50.00)

Thank you again, and please visit http://www.chimeforchange.org/ to help fund projects or create one of your own. Change begins today.

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