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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Making Big Moves: How To Nail A Job Interview

Four months ago I met an incredible woman, Professor Linda Babcock, author of "Why Women Don't Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide". Hearing her speak has changed the way I view job interviews and taking serious steps towards my career. Generally, we are conditioned to be polite and not ask many questions when in the presence of someone powerful (i.e.- a boss, CEO). Studies prove that being confident and able to negotiate yields higher salaries and bigger job opportunities. Lately, I have gone on some pretty intimidating interviews, and as I nervously waited to be called into their offices I realized something. People are just people, and you should not be intimidated. Here are some of my quick tips on how to be a strong candidate for job offers:

1. Before you leave for the interview, give yourself a self-esteem boost. (listen to upbeat music, eat or drink something you love, dress in a way that makes you look professional, feel comfortable, and makes you happy.)

2. Breathe deeply before entering the waiting room: the more you prepare yourself the less anxious you will feel. Remind yourself what an asset YOU would be to the company or business. 

3. Upon meeting the person: smile, give a firm handshake, and maintain eye contact throughout the interview. Confidence is essential, and they will pick up on that. Also, research their company so that you are knowledgeable if they ask you about their work. 

4. Describe your diverse skills, languages you speak, previous work experience, and then add something that makes you stand out in the workforce. It is not the time to be shy about your accomplishments, so bring an updated and detailed resume. 

5. Lastly, it is okay to ask them back questions. The more alert and involved you are in your interview the more engaged they will feel. 

Be positive, you are going to do amazing things, XO.

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