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Monday, August 12, 2013

A Twisted Obsession: A Thigh Gap?

Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr sites have exploded over the past year with accounts obsessing and promoting "thigh gaps". So, what is the big craze about? Young girls seem to idolize models and celebrities that have a considerable space between their legs. After doing some research, it appears that accounts have been set up on Instagram with inaccurate calorie intake charts, endorsing starvation and fasting as an effective method of "thigh-gapping". Long-term fasting and calorie counting impacts your mental health, disrupts your cycle, and causes your organs to break down. So, instead of taking dangerous hormone replacements, getting plastic surgery, and wasting your life away in hopes of having an unhealthy body shape: understand that life is more than a few centimeters. Exercise + Organic, Healthy Foods + Body Acceptance = A Naturally Beautiful You. Yay for thighs that love each other and kiss while you walk ;)

There is a new app for your phone or iPod, "Leg Exercises- Personal Trainer for Leg Exercises" to make your legs look even better than they already do.

*Report any sites you see that support eating disorders.

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